How will you measure the worth of your life?

$ trillion
Great Wealth Transfer by 2030
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of the world live in dire, impoverished circumstances

For Baby Boomers:

As the last of the baby boomer generation, known for unprecedented wealth accumulation, reaches retirement age, the imminent transfer of $68 trillion in assets looms large. This transition underscores a vital concern: the Wealth Gap, a rift not only in assets but in financial acumen. With taxes on the rise, many boomers face the challenge of outliving their money and going back to work as a retiree. Others want to ensure their hard-earned wealth is passed down and wisely managed by a new generation who is grappling with financial literacy.

For Immigrants:

Immigrants come to America full of hope, aiming to build a better life. They work hard to start building wealth and support their families but if they do not learn to manage it wisely, their efforts may not benefit future generations as intended. Teaching their children not only financial knowledge but also a system for building and securing wealth wisely, ensures their dreams can flourish across generations.

We’re On A Mission

At WealthSmyth, our mission is to transform people into agents of change, leveraging the power of wealth for good. We are committed to empowerment through financial education and mentorship, aiming to close the gaps in financial literacy and wealth for all generations. We strive to cultivate a global movement of hopemongers, using their wealth to inspire hope and drive societal transformation, ultimately measuring the worth of one’s life by the positive impacts made in the lives of others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the financial journey of 100 million families by helping trusted, independent financial professionals leverage the power of artificial intelligence to redefine the financial engagement. We will become the foremost authority in helping families achieve financial independence and empowering financial professionals to scale their reach with state-of-the-art technology. With over a million users, we’re committed to becoming the #1 entrepreneurship movement in the world.

Firm Values

Adhere to the highest professional standards

  • Put client interests ahead of our own
  • Maintain high standards of client service
  • Observe high ethical standards
  • Preserve client confidence
  • Maintain an independent perspective
  • Manage client and firm resources responsibly and efficiently

Improve our client’s performance significantly

  • Follow the top-performance approach
  • Pursue holistic impact across the full financial journey
  • Use our network to deliver the best possible service to clients
  • Bring innovations in growth and technology to clients and business partners
  • Develop client and business partner skills to sustain improvements

Do good today and better tomorrow

  • Build enduring relationships based on trust
  • Bring our best effort every single day
  • Perform our work with grit and grace
  • Embrace diverse perspectives with curiosity and respect while upholding the obligations to engage and dissent
  • Fail fast, learn from our mistakes, iterate, iterate, iterate
  • Develop each other through mentorship and masterminds

Doing Good Today and Better Tomorrow

Our Commitment to
Generous Giving

Our 1-1-1 commitment is a pioneering philanthropy model that emphasizes impact investing and giving back to our agents’ communities and driving positive, lasting change around the world. Established by co-founders Sam and Wendi Henry, the 1-1-1 model allocates 1% of WealthSmyth’s equity to impact investing, 1% of employee and agent time to charitable causes, and up to $1M of charitable matching annually.

1% of Equity: WealthSmyth commits 1% of its equity to impact investments. These investments are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship and small business expansion in underprivileged communities around the world, especially Latin America, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. By allocating a portion of its equity to impact investing, WealthSmyth ensures a sustainable angel fund for businesses that foster economic development and social progress.

1% of Employee and Agent Time: WealthSmyth employees and agents are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills for charitable purposes. The company provides employees with paid time off (known as volunteer time off or VTO) to engage in volunteer activities. This commitment fosters a culture of giving within the company and allows employees to contribute to causes they are passionate about.

$1M of Matching: WealthSmyth commits to matching agent and employee donations up to $1M per year to a philanthropic foundation. This initiative, known as the WealthSmyth Giving Campaign, is dedicated to supporting our agents’ communities worldwide through our Foundation. This matching program significantly amplifies the impact of donations by matching contributions, dollar-for-dollar, to eligible nonprofits and educational institutions. By building the Foundation’s endowment, WealthSmyth ensures a sustainable source of funding for philanthropic initiatives in the long term.

The 1-1-1 commitment by WealthSmyth serves as a powerful example of how clients, agents, and employees can leverage their resources and expertise to address pressing social and environmental challenges while also driving business success. WealthSmyth’s 1-1-1 model is an invitation that we hope inspires other businesses to adopt similar approaches to philanthropy, further amplifying impact and influence around the world. Some of our current and prospective beneficiaries include:

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