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The WealthSmyth Digital Agency Platform

Unleash agent productivity across the
entire organization

WealthSmyth is the only AI-powered agency experience that empowers your entire organization – from new recruits to front-line field
trainers, base shop leadership and operations – to help more business partners and more families at massive scale.

AI-powered digital agency capabilities:

Build your agency and take growth to the next level with the AI built into WealthSmyth

Meet Penny, Generative AI for Life Insurance and Annuities

Penny is WealthSmyth’s Life Insurance and Annuity GPT, an innovative AI model tailored as an expert assistant for financial professionals. She represents a groundbreaking advancement in the life insurance industry, empowering independent agents to harness generative AI as a superpower for client service and decision-making support.

Penny is trained to advocate for life insurance and annuity strategies, providing biased yet transparent insights, acknowledging potential drawbacks or limitations alongside comprehensive benefits. Penny is not a CPA, Attorney, or Certified Financial Advisor. She is trained with a vast amount of information, including.

  • WealthSmyth Wealth Milestones and Risk Framework
  • Regulatory documents and tax codes
  • Reputable financial publications
  • Educational materials such as blog posts and whitepapers
  • Publicly available analyses of popular finance books

Power Your Agency with Workflow Automation

Connect all the apps you use and accomplish more with less work.

Make your work flow with WealthSmyth Automation.

Artificial Intelligence

Supercharge your productivity with industry-leading AI

Workflow Automation

Magically reclaim hours of your time with easy business automation

High Volume SMS

Business texting optimized for personalization and deliverability.

Hire an Agency Assistant

Scale your business with an executive or group assistant

Hire an Appointment Setter

Scale your business with a sales development representative.

Get Marketing Support

Expert advice and support for digital marketing execution

WealthSmyth Private Enterprise Cloud


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