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At WealthSmyth, our goal is to equip people with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed with business ownership in financial services. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or experience, deserves the opportunity to live a rich and fulfilling life. By partnering with our agency, you become part of a dynamic community dedicated to helping families secure their financial future, achieve their dreams, and create a lasting legacy.

01. Business Ownership Opportunity

At WealthSmyth, our primary mission is to provide people with a remarkable opportunity to not only succeed but to become business owners in financial services. By partnering with us, you are not merely constructing a business; you are crafting an asset that you can proudly call your own. This unique ability to own and control your business, as an actual owner, sets us apart and makes us the most appealing choice.

02. Training and Mentorship

Gain the knowledge and skills to grow a thriving financial services business with our training and mentorship. Access leaders and resources for both personal and professional growth, setting the foundation for your success. Remember, while YOU lead your venture, you are never alone.

03. Agency Engagement Platform

Discover our state-of-the-art technology platform that leverages generative AI as your super power, helping you offer the best advice to your clients, train and develop your business partners, automate your system according to proven blueprints, and manage your team activity levels and effectiveness at massive scale.

Multiple Income Streams

When you help clients use financial programs, you not only earn commission, but your earning potential (commission percentage) also increases as you reach new milestones.

As you build your team, you have the opportunity to mentor and coach new agents, and as they successfully generate new business, you can earn supervisory override commissions without impacting the agents’ earnings.

Continue earning from your past efforts with financial rewards that can keep growing over time as you build and nurture your book of business.

Leaders can build teams and help families locally and globally, as we continuously expand into new countries and add products and providers to our portfolio.

Our bonus program rewards your achievements and the meaningful difference you make in families’ lives, underscoring our commitment to recognizing your hard work.

We offer entrepreneurs the chance to build their own legacy, with business ownership in financial services, through stock options or even company equity percentages.

5 Steps to Agency Ownership

Go through client experience
Study and pass life exam
Get trained while earning
Buddy up with a Certified Trainer
Meet with prospective clients
Earn your first $1K
Master our flagship programs and solutions
Master client appointments
Master our proven system
Become a Director
Master recruiting and onboarding
Learn to scale through people
Become an Executive
Learn to scale through leaders
Learn to scale through technology

The Paths to Partnership

Explore the various ways to join forces with WealthSmyth, tailored to your dreams and passions. Whether you are looking to start a flexible side business, take the reins with business ownership in financial services, or harness the power of our technology as a user of the WealthSmyth Agency Platform, we offer a spectrum of options for growing together.

Choose the path that resonates with you and join our community of rainmakers.

A Model for Builders

WealthSmyth stands apart by design, with a revolutionary approach that addresses and overcomes the limitations of the traditional agency model. We are different by design, built to help people build confidence and scale with business ownership in financial services.

Traditional Agency

  • The owner of an agency hires and trains individual agents to work for the firm.

WealthSmyth Model

  • Leaders enroll, train and mentor other agents to become independent business owners and work as a team.

Traditional Agency

  • The owner hires and trains individual agents to work for the agency.

WealthSmyth Model

  • Leaders enroll, train and mentor other agents to become independent business owners and work as a team.

Traditional Agency

  • Regardless of any individual’s performance, the traditional owner always has the highest contract level.

WealthSmyth Model

  • Any independent business owner who reaches performance goals can earn the highest contract level.

Traditional Agency

  • To earn the same income as a traditional owner, high performers must join another firm or become independent.

WealthSmyth Model

  • With equal opportunity to earn the same income, independent business owners stick together as a team.

Traditional Agency

  • Agents who leave for a higher contract level can become your new competition.

WealthSmyth Model

  • When independent business owners stick together, growth can be scaled and success can be shared.

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