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Every path to growing and maintaining wealth is unique — the only similarity is that circumstances are bound to change. As your financial needs evolve, we harness the breadth and depth of our programs, our generative AI expert, Penny, and strategic partnerships to deliver personalized service to you and your family.

Our Programs and Services

Your Roadmap in 7 Wealth Milestones

Coaching Questions for Achieving Financial Success

Milestone 01

  • What is in your heart for your life?
  • What do you want?

Milestone 02

  • How do you feel about your current financial situation?
  • How motivated are you to make changes and level up?

Milestone 03

  • What is your current level of financial knowledge?
  • What do you want to learn about money and finances?

Milestone 04

  • What is the price of your desired lifestyle, today?
  • Are you in the habit of 'paying yourself first' (e.g. saving)?
  • Does your emergency savings provide enough support for the unexpected?

Milestone 05

  • What amount of passive income do you need to cover your minimum acceptable retirement lifestyle (MARL)?
  • How well are you leveraging 'the miracle of compound interest'?
  • How well are you defending against four big money losers: taxes, inflation, debt, and market volatility?

Milestone 06

  • What is the price of your ideal retirement lifestyle and/or early retirement?
  • How can you increase your savings rate with cash-flowing assets?
  • How can you reduce market risk and avoid market losses?

Milestone 07

  • How will you measure the worth of your life?
  • What systems do you need to strengthen family unity and pass on values?
  • What systems do you need to preserve and grow wealth for future generations?

WealthSmyth Financial Programs and Services

Explore Tax-Free Retirement options to grow your savings and empowering your financial future.

Shield your investments from inevitable market volatility, safeguarding your wealth from unforeseen downturns and risks.

Preserve your retirement savings and create a source of guaranteed income. 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plans, IRA, or TSP.

Create a family-centric financial ecosystem that fosters growth and collaboration for generations.

Set up a legacy fund that allows you to specify how and when funds are distributed to your children and grandchildren.

Strategies for entrepreneurs that ensure key person retention, and prepare for succession transitions.

A Trusted Ecosystem

As part of our commitment to clients, our trusted network of experienced advisors and A-rated product providers is available as needed and comes together to provide comprehensive client service experience.


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